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What is love? Let’s celebrate this Valentines together!

Let’s celebrate this Valentines together!
What is LOVE? What happens when you have THE feeling? Here are some Valentines gift ideas for surprising your beloved one.
Let’s start by the beginning. Love is a chemical reaction caused by dopamine and a related hormone, norepinephrine. Love might be seen as the most instinctive feeling humans have to preserve our own species.
Love is everything. Humans are born by the ultimate act of love, and through these uncertain times, it is love what maintains most of the people’s hope.
Love has also changed through time. What a few years could have been impossible, nowadays is normal. Before the XX century, being in a relationship with someone from a different social class was almost impossible, and not to talk about multiracial couples and not even mention same-sex couples. Love has demonstrated that it’s natural force is able to drive social changes and change stigmas. Love is able to change humanity into a more open and caring society. LOVE is the only way to set us free.
For this Valentines, we are happy to present you some of our favourite LOVE pieces, so you can show your beloved one how much you care, or you can show yourself all the love you feel for you.

This Valentine’s day, lets all CELEBRATE LOVE! Here are some Valentines gift ideas for this 2021!


Hearts are always the ultimate symbol of love. These fun eneamelled long heart earrings are light and a true statement of love.



160€ – Island disco hoops




Pearls symbolize puryty, loyalty and good luck. They are offered as a token of love and affection.




290€ Circle Chain with Necklace
This classic jewel is a piece with what you will win for sure. It’s Sterling silver made in Italy!




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